To the Asshat Harassing Women at RTX

So I’m at RTX and Spill Dot Con, leaving some NerdLove stickers for people to take with them.

This apparently was a mistake. While I’ve been at the Spill panels, somebody has taken a large stack of the QR stickers and has been harassing women with them. He apparently has been sneaking around and slapping the stickers on the asses of unsuspecting women.

Beyond the fact that I don’t want my name associated with behavior, this shit is NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE. Cons are supposed to be safe spaces for everybody; shit like this drives women out of fandom.

If you see this guy or ANYONE acting like this, report him to the RTX Guardians IMMEDIATELY.

And for the shitbag who’s been doing this: you’d better hope the Guardians find you before I do.