New From NerdLove Publications: When It Clicks – The Guide To Mastering Online Dating!

SDCC is about to begin, with nerds and geeks from around the world converging on San Diego as we speak. Geeky energy is in the air today, ya’ll. I couldn’t make it to Comic-Con in person this year… but hey that just means you all get to hear this now instead of it being a […]

How To Share Your Unpopular Opinion (Without Being An Asshole)

Occasionally I like to take a step sideways from my usual remit about dating advice and focus on something a little different. In this case, it’s very simply avoiding being an asshole to others. Spend enough time in any community or social circle – whether online or in person – and you’ll inevitably hear people […]

How To Be Funny

Despite what people will tell you, the ultimate universal attractant when it comes to dating is very simple: be funny. The oldest dating cliché in the book is that women want somebody with a great sense of humor. And it’s true – the people you see who can “punch outside of their weight class” (as it […]

How To Improve Your Willpower

Every year we go through a familiar ritual that culminates with a failure of willpower. Everyone makes promises about how they’re going to do something better in the new year and then promptly forgets all about it before the month is even over. In fact, right now, I’m watching the usual influx of New Years […]

How To Throw a Kick-Ass Party

There’s nothing like a kick-ass party. In my social circle, we love our parties. So much so that we have it on a schedule. One of us always throws a party for the 4th of July, another throws the designated Thanksgiving feast, my wife and I throw the Christmas party, another friend of ours throws […]