Stop Being Socially Awkward – Pt. 2

How To Stop Being Socially Awkward

Being socially awkward can make every day life feel like a constant trial. Basic socialization starts to feel like a video game of neverending quicktime events where you have microseconds to figure out the appropriate response and you have absolutely no idea what to do. But you can learn to overcome social awkwardness. Last time, we talked about […]

Yes, It’s Still A Creeper Move if Brad Pitt Does It

Most of the time, anyway...

One of the oft-recurring topics here at Paging Dr. NerdLove is the subject of creepers and creepy behavior.  It’s a seemingly evergreen topic because, frankly, there’s always an example of problematic behavior to point to and say “stop doing that”. Of course, as soon as anyone brings up the topic of creepy behavior, there’s the inevitable […]

Guest Post: An Introvert’s Guide to Navigating Parties

"Hello? Um... anyone dead in there?"

(Doctor’s Note: On occasion, I’ll have an idea for an excellent topic that I am completely unsuited to write about. Fortunately for me, I have some excellent friends who are. This week, we have a guest post from Beth Campbell – event planner, professional social butterfly and secret introvert – to talk about the skill of navigating […]

How To Stop Fighting With Your Girlfriend (And Start Making Up)

And nothing says "successful relationship" like two people trying to outstubborn one another for the moral high-ground.

Here’s something that most relationship coaches aren’t going to tell you: fights are a part of relationships. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can learn how to stop fighting. Doesn’t seem like that makes sense, does it? Stick with me here for a second and you’ll understand. Relationships are kind of like Fight Club: […]

How To Deal With Jealousy

How To Deal With Jealousy

Back in the bad old days, I did a lot of things I regret out of jealousy. Pretty much from middle-school onwards, jealousy defined the majority of my waking life. Everywhere I looked, other people had what I thought I wanted in life. Watching happy couples would alternately make me feel lonely and almost sick with envy. […]