Anatomy Lesson: When Persistence Pays Off

A little persistence can go a long way

There’s an important rule when it comes to self-improvement, especially when it comes to dating: some things can only be learned from experience. It’s easy to get caught up in dogmatic rules, but time and experience can teach you when exceptions arise. For example: I’m a big believer in the efficient use of one’s time [...]

How To Demonstrate Value

How to demonstrate value

Last week’s Ask Dr. NerdLove brought up a question that I hear from a lot of people: how do you keep a woman’s interest in you instead of all of those other guys out there? And the answer is actually fairly simple: you show your value. Now, I know a few of you are recoiling because this sounds like some [...]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Why Do These Women Ditch Me For Other Guys?

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hey Doctor Awesomepuss, really love your blog. I keep encountering this same issue with girls that I take on dates or girls who have expressed a certain degree of interest in me. The issue is they run off with other men in front of me. Examples: I took a girl swing dancing a few weeks [...]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Stop Getting Over-Anxious About Dates?

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Dear Dr. NerdLove, It has been a while since I had a girlfriend and lately I been trying to date more and go outside my comfort zone and ask out girls I am truly interested in. I have my moments just like anyone else , when I least expect it I can pull off making [...]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Can I Date When I’m Dying?

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hey Doc, About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It’s recurred about four times since. Doctors throw out the words “inevitable” and “incurable” when talking about my tumor, especially when talking about its recurrence. As a result, I effectively have an expiration date. Not necessarily a scheduled death date, but a [...]