Ask Dr. NerdLove: Guest Expert Edition

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hey everyone, Doc here.  This week, we’re doing something different.  As on Monday, instead of my dispensing the dating advice, we’re have have a guest expert taking the reigns for today. Loretta Jean is a writer, artistic director and -unlike me – on track to an actual doctorate and she’s here to take your questions. Let’s do […]

Your Attitude Controls Your Dating Success


I want to talk to you about your attitude. There’s one commonality I see over and over again among people who have the hardest time dating: they have shitty attitudes. You’ll see it in the way they talk about others, about themselves, about women and the whole process of dating. Everything is pointless, nothing is […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: My Boyfriend Won’t Look For Work

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Dear Doc, Let me start by saying I’m a lucky woman – I’ve found someone kind and considerate, who makes me laugh and is entertaining and charming and who comes in to snuggle me before I go to bed even if he’s not going to sleep himself. There’s just one big problem – he has […]

Post Mortem: No Love In The Club

(I like my version better...)

This week, we’re returning to an older feature I call the Post-Mortem. Every once in a while, I’ll get a letter that requires going a little more in depth. Sometimes it’s about opening up the corpse of date or relationship that’s gone and and identifying the cause of death. Other times, it’s about trying to cut through layers […]

How To Avoid Getting “The Fade”

"I'm just saying, we're both carbon-based life-forms with functioning sets of genitalia! We're perfect for each other!"

One of the trickier aspects of improving your dating life is that there’s always another level to master. It’s easy to assume that once you’ve made it past that initial hump – building a cool wardrobe, getting over your approach anxiety and generally learning how to connect with potential dates – that it’s all smooth […]