Ask Dr. NerdLove: Help, I Have A Crush On My Best Friend

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hey Doc.   First, let me say that I love reading your articles.  Your down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to dating advice is refreshing, and while I’ve not applied a lick of it because college work takes up nearly all of my time right now (silly engineering school), I am looking forward to a day when I [...]

5 Types of Dating Advice People Need To Stop Giving

Nothing makes a date more exciting than trying to out "don't care" one another.

One thing about being a part of the Dating Advice Industry is that you inevitably check out other people’s advice. Sometimes it’s a case of just seeing what’s in the cultural zeitgeist – a way of putting your finger on the pulse of society by seeing not only what people are concerned about but also [...]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Recover From A Break-Up?

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hey Doc: So I’ve recently gotten out of a relationship at the beginning of February. And it’s been a disappointment, but I’ve been doing my best to move on. This includes trying to get out and meet people, and going on dates, and activities up to- and including sex. But aside from making me feel [...]

Getting Space In A Relationship

"Sweetie, you don't need independency any more, you've got me!"

  There are certain phrases that chill the marrow when you hear them in the context of a relationship. “We need to talk,” of course, is the great grand-daddy of them all, along with “where do you see this going?”. But few phrases ring in our ears like a banshee’s wail foretelling the death of [...]

Ace The “Defining The Relationship” Talk

Ace the "Defining The Relationship" Talk

Straight talk: there are two phrases that a woman can say that will instill ball-shrinking terror in the heart of every man. The first is “We need to talk.” The second is “Where do you think this relationship is going?” It’s the dreaded “Defining The Relationship” talk… and nobody ever looks forward to it. The [...]