Starting From Zero

Starting From Zero

One of the common complaints I hear from readers is that they have absolutely no dating history or experience and don’t know where to begin. And in fairness, while I do have a number of articles in The Basics that cover the dating fundamentals, sometimes it can be hard to know just where to begin. After all, [...]

Leveling Up: Developing An Abundance Mentality

Welcome to 2014 folks. It’s a new year and ripe for potential and improvement.   If you’re like most folks, you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps getting better at dating is one of them… Usually around this time, I make my annual tirade about how New Year’s resolutions are wastes of time but I want to [...]

Redefining Failure

My shitty graphic novel is still better than the imaginary one other people just keep talking about.

I’m a failure. And I’m ok with that. There are a lot of things I’ve failed at.  I’m a failure as a professional artist and photographer. I’m a failure as a comic publisher. I’m sure you could probably find plenty of women in my past who would quite happily tell you that I’m a failure [...]

You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

"I'm gonna fuck you up, son..."

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You are your own worst enemy. Nine times out of ten, you are the biggest single obstacle standing in the way of self-improvement. Now don’t get me wrong: this isn’t because there is something inherently wrong with you. You’re not having a harder time than [...]

Dating 201: The Right Mindset For Success

Dating 201

I was having drinks with my friend April a few days ago as she was regaling me with her latest dating adventures. After having recently broken up with her boyfriend, she’d been venturing back on the market and was sharing with me her latest experiences in online dating. Her most recent date had been seemingly perfect [...]