Disrupting The Fear of Virginity

Part of being a dating coach is that we talk a lot about sex. How to get sex, how to be good at it, how important it is to relationships… it’s an evergreen topic. And to be fair, sex is a key component to most relationships. It’s what a lot of people want to hear about. When we’re not careful, […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Why Can’t I Break Up With My Ex?

Dear Dr. NerdLove, I’ve been together with my boyfriend for a cumulative 5 months. We were head over heels for each other almost immediately. It was like something out of an Avril Lavigne song – he was a video game animator, she was a model, what more can I say? His father had passed away […]

Getting Consent (Or: Turning A No Into A Yes)

Getting consent is a pretty big deal when it comes to dating. It’s not just about sex; it’s also about not continuing to intrude in where you’re not wanted. That’s why there’s always a lot of interest in trying to turn a “no” into a “yes”. The problem is, trying to change someone’s mind is, in […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Does The Sex Get Better?

Hey Dr. NerdLove, I’m a sixteen year old girl who is dating a massive gaming nerd, and while I’m pretty into gaming and anime myself, I find it insanely hard to relate to a lot of the conversations we have. I love him to death, and it’s never that I get bored during the conversation, […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Non-Monogamy Blues

Hi Dr. NerdLove! I am in a happy relationship of nearly 5 years, I love my girlfriend and we are both very happy. Around 1 year ago I felt like I needed more close relationships with other people. I told my girlfriend I was polyamorous and that although I loved her, I wanted more than […]