Why You Should Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Last week I told you that authenticity was important. This week, I’m going to tell you why it’s good to lie. And no, this isn’t a contradiction in terms. Stick with me here, this will all make sense in a second. One of the things I regularly advocate, especially when you’re just starting to work […]

The Value of Authenticity

Let’s talk a little bit about authenticity and being authentic. It makes a lovely buzzword, doesn’t it? You hear about authenticity as a marker of quality or sincerity, an antidote to artificiality. We talk about valuing authenticity in our lives, but the way we live is almost always anything but. We live in a world […]

A Gentleman’s Guide To Not Being An Asshole

If the Internet is known for one thing it’s for putting all of the porn ever created in one place just so we can find it and deal with unexpected challenges to our sexuality. If it’s known for two things, it’s that it is the natural breeding ground of the asshole. In fact, the idea that assholes […]

Your Attitude Controls Your Dating Success

I want to talk to you about your attitude. There’s one commonality I see over and over again among people who have the hardest time dating: they have shitty attitudes. You’ll see it in the way they talk about others, about themselves, about women and the whole process of dating. Everything is pointless, nothing is […]

Why Is It So Hard To Be A Good Man?

Ever feel like trying to be a good man is almost impossible? Whenever I write about masculinity, I hear from a lot of men who feel hemmed in by what they perceive as the seemingly contradictory rules and restrictions that surround masculine behavior, particularly when it comes to dealing with women. And in fairness, it can be […]