Fix Your Flirting

"Just so you know, if you don't take me home in the next 30 minutes, I will never forgive you..."

There’s an old saying I find appropriate when it comes to meeting women: “no plan survives contact with the enemy”. That is: no matter how much you may have mentally rehearsed approaching that brunette with the librarian glasses at the party who seems to keep giving you the eye, or you’ve been thinking of how [...]

The Art of Cold Approach Pt 2 – Daytime Approaches

"Woah, Didn't know 50 Shades of Grey came with a workbook."

On Monday, we broke down the basics of a cold approach – the opening, building rapport, qualifying and making the move. This is going to be the outline of most of your attempts at meeting people, whether you’re looking for a potential date, a potential sex partner, a new friend or a networking possibility. The [...]

The Art of Cold Approach Pt 1 – The Basics

Don't mind us. We're just quietly judging you.

Now that Nerdi Gras is over and we’re all coming back down from the sensory overload and What-The-Fuckery of all of the panels (Age of Ultron? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?), it’s time to get back to the business of improving your social life and meeting new people. While there are many, many ways of doing this – online [...]

Do Or Do Not

"Said this before, I have. Listening you weren't, then?"

I’ve studied martial arts for a number of years. I got into it for the same reason most chubby, doughy teenage nerds get into Tae Kwon Do: because I’d seen too many movies and wanted to learn how to be Billy Bad-Ass. Of course, what I really learned – besides the difference between fights in [...]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Dancing On My Own

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hello, Doctor!  First of all, I would like to thank you for your wonderful articles which I find very helpful even though I am a girl. I found out that I have never given much thought to some issues that you addressed in them. For example, after reading about creeper behavior and that poor girl [...]