How To Make Small Talk (For People Who Hate Small Talk)


Small talk. Just the words fill people with existential dread. It conjures up images of being stuck at a party or networking event and getting caught in the awkward conversation loop where nobody can think of anything to say. It’s the worst part of any first date. It is 100% pure undiluted cringe in social […]

5 Critical Online Dating Questions Answered

This only seems appealing until you imagine it as trying to hold a conversation while strangers keep coming up yelling "HEY LADY! PRETTY LADY! PAY ATTENTION TO ME INSTEAD!"

Despite being more popular than ever, online dating still remains a potential minefield for social etiquette and self-esteem. The “rules” of online dating are, for the most part, unspecified and unspoken and prone to change without any seeming warning. What seems like a simple, intuitive choice can make the difference between a happy first date […]

How To Troubleshoot Online Dating

You do, however, provide plenty of entertainment for others.

For many people, online dating is a godsend – especially if you’re the sort of person who hates trying to meet people on the bar and club scene. It offers you the chance to be as specific as you want to be in your search for for potential partners. Sites exist for every permutation of […]

Fix Your Flirting

"Just so you know, if you don't take me home in the next 30 minutes, I will never forgive you..."

There’s an old saying I find appropriate when it comes to meeting women: “no plan survives contact with the enemy”. That is: no matter how much you may have mentally rehearsed approaching that brunette with the librarian glasses at the party who seems to keep giving you the eye, or you’ve been thinking of how […]

The Art of Cold Approach Pt 2 – Daytime Approaches

"Woah, Didn't know 50 Shades of Grey came with a workbook."

On Monday, we broke down the basics of a cold approach – the opening, building rapport, qualifying and making the move. This is going to be the outline of most of your attempts at meeting people, whether you’re looking for a potential date, a potential sex partner, a new friend or a networking possibility. The […]