Ending Sexual Harassment In Geek Culture

Ending Sexual Harassment In Geek Culture

I want to run a quick question by you. Which of these do you think is an appropriate reaction to art criticism of a piece of art you enjoy? A: A discussion about the differences in styles and desired effect by the artist with an eye towards the commercial viability of the property, exaggerations of [...]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Recover From A Break-Up?

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hey Doc: So I’ve recently gotten out of a relationship at the beginning of February. And it’s been a disappointment, but I’ve been doing my best to move on. This includes trying to get out and meet people, and going on dates, and activities up to- and including sex. But aside from making me feel [...]

Your No-BS Guide to Lasting Longer In Bed

How To Last Longer In Bed

One thing I’ve learned over the years – both through my own experiences and from coaching others – is that men are all quivering bundles of anxieties and insecurities. We’re not allowed to actually, y’know, voice most of these concerns – goes against Man Code, after all – but we sure as hell feel them. And it’s that [...]

Getting Space In A Relationship

"Sweetie, you don't need independency any more, you've got me!"

  There are certain phrases that chill the marrow when you hear them in the context of a relationship. “We need to talk,” of course, is the great grand-daddy of them all, along with “where do you see this going?”. But few phrases ring in our ears like a banshee’s wail foretelling the death of [...]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Tell My Boyfriend He Scares Me?

Ask Dr. NerdLove

Hi there Dr. NerdLove, I’m a geeky girl who needs some help figuring out how to bring up an awkward topic with her boyfriend. I noticed your site is very sex positive, so I thought you might be able to give some advice from a non-judgmental standpoint. I’ve been in a relationship for about a [...]