Ask Dr. NerdLove: I Think My Girlfriend’s Cheating On Me

Hey Doc, I’ve been with my girlfriend for 6 Years now, through a lot.  But something changed recently and I can’t tell whether I should be worried or not. A few weeks ago, she seemed to completely shut down on me.  We went from daily cuddling and laughter and intimacy to…nothing.  She wouldn’t talk to […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Help, The Sex Has Gone

Hey Doc, I have been happily married for 14 years now and we have two beautiful children. I absolutely love my wonderful bride and she earns the bulk of our income, allowing me to be a stay-at-home parent and pursue my career as a writer. My question pertains to our sex life. Since the birth of our […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Can I STOP Being Poly?

Hello Good Doctor! I’ve been a long time reader, and over the years have used a good number of your suggestions for improving myself, and so wanted to start by saying thank you for the help! A little information on me, I am a 25 year old fairly recent graduate, in a long term (8 […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Does The Sex Get Better?

Hey Dr. NerdLove, I’m a sixteen year old girl who is dating a massive gaming nerd, and while I’m pretty into gaming and anime myself, I find it insanely hard to relate to a lot of the conversations we have. I love him to death, and it’s never that I get bored during the conversation, […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Help, My Girlfriend’s Friends Want To Bang Her

Doc, Short and sweet. I just want to know how unhealthy it is that my girlfriend continues to be friends with all these men that openly want to have sex with her. Concerned