Anatomy Lesson: Escaping The Friend Zone

"If you don't kiss me right now, I'm going to be incredibly upset with you."

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been talking about how to improve your dating life, from making yourself look better, improving your ability to approach and charm friends and strangers, fixing the attitudes and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back and even how to find more sex. However, while it’s good to learn about […]

The Problem With “Nice Guys”

It's a pity party and all of the Internet is invited!

I always appreciate it when a topic for an article happens to fall into my lap. It saves me all of the time and anxiety that comes with writing a thrice-weekly column that usually culminates with the 3 AM insomnia-inducing panic that leads to my brain screaming “I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS!” as I […]

Can Men And Women Be “Just” Friends?

"Feeling it yet?" "Nope. You?" "Me neither."

One of the longest running debates amongst men and women is the question of whether or not straight men and women1 can ever be “just” friends – that is to say, can a friendship exist without sexual or romantic attraction “ruining” the relationship. A recent article in Scientific American drew the conclusion that no, no […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Down with O.P.P

(Side note: why yes, I have been waiting for a chance to use that title…) Hi Doctor NerdLove, Let me start by thanking you for all of the advice that you offer on your site: it works. I had improved my behavior from an orbiting creep to someone with confidence and charm. And after reading your […]

Ask Dr. NerdLove: Let ‘Em Down Easy

Dr Nerdlove,  I know this blog is mostly geared towards geeky guys, but I’m a geek girl with a problem. I’m super attracted to geeks, mostly because of the whole similar interests thing. As you have said sometimes geeks are shy, I’m pretty shy too, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I am […]