Paging Dr. NerdLove Episode #16: What Makes A Great Lover?

This week, we’re talking’ ’bout bangin’! The good Doctor answers the important questions: how do you tell someone when you have a fetish? How should an bi-curious man in an open relationship go finding new play partners? And for that matter, what does it take to be a great lover? Is it more than being [...]

Paging Dr. NerdLove Episode #15: Falling Out of Love

This week, Dr. Nerdlove kicks off the holiday season by taking your calls and emails to help get your lovelife sorted out. One reader wants to know why he seems to only attract unavailable women. Another wants to know whether his girlfriend’s obsession with Facebook and Twitter is a deal breaker or not.  And just [...]

Paging Dr. NerdLove Episode #14: How To Be Funny

This week, I talk with the incredibly funny John Erler (Red vs. Blue, Angry Birds: The Movie, Master Pancake Theater),  and Joe Parsons (STAG Comedy, The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen, Master Pancake Theater) about humor and comedy and that perplexing question: how do you learn how to be funnier? We talk about how to [...]

Paging Dr. NerdLove Episode 13: Sex For Beginners

This week, we cross the streams as Dr. NerdLove teams up with the scintillating Sex Nerd Sandra! Together they tackle the issues surrounding sex toys, virginity and sexual inexperience. Does being a virgin mean a harder time on the dating scene? How do you bring up the topic with your date when things are getting hot [...]

Paging Dr. NerdLove Episode #12: What Makes A Player?

Dr. NerdLove dips into the mailbag and answers the question: what is it that drives a man into deciding to become a player? Have a dating issue that you need Dr. NerdLove’s help with? Call (512) 522-6513 to record a question or comment for the podcast.  Don’t miss a single update! Be sure to subscribe [...]